Sunday, January 09, 2005

Phish & koh outing - take care bro!

boy, woke up on a happy note indeed, in spite of having just 5 hours of sleep. Guess I will knock out later. But thankful, it was rest that was good.

Either that or my aunt's special coffee takes 5 hours to kick into effect.

Woke up with a tummy ache though. Maybe the diarrhoea hasn't ended yet. Thanks Juan. Hope you're recovering sooner than I am.

But with the wonderful fish and co seafood dinner I had last night, it hardly seem I'll be okay any time soon. :)

Went for a 6.20am jog. Decided to take back the classic Maha Bodi route. Been a long while. Target 2 rounds, which is just under 2.4km I think. Thank God! Barely made it! Will try to up the pace next time.

But I'm definately off form, was panting horribly after the whole thing, and I didn't feel that fast.

But thank God! Made it!

Maybe gradually I can up the distance and pace slowly before progressing back to the good'ol Red Swastika route and finally graduate to ECP (Chris's territory).

Having a slight neck ache and headache now. Could be sleeping position. Or just me. And about 100 pages of 216 to go. How to finish this AND next week's reading at this rate?

Dr Kluver! Helllp! Oh well, it sure does help that the text is quite like a commentary on world politics and its quite insightful taken as a narrative of man's foolishness in an anarchic place.

Sent Sam back home last night before spinning off to Suntec to pick my aunt up from her company dinner. Took the silly route that went through Chinatown and all that. And how come I always can't seem to find the AYE exit from her place? bleah... must figure that area out sometime.

Had quite an interesting long chat. Such a nice girl. I can only hope that God has her in His plans. Just like for YS, CJ, alex, john and many others. Its especially saddening when you can identify with them from your former self. But have hope and trust in the Lord.

Talked to my aunt quite a lot too. Apparently DBS consumer banking division itself already has about 2000 staff. And their Jackson Tai plays the drums. Hehe. A happening boss. And, oh, no speeches! Just fun(d) and eating. Then she talked a lot about her new up-coming posting. She's quite worried basically. Talked about the special delicate task of handling people. Just like the 2 pests at home. Hah. But blessings indeed.

Simon my brother you take care now man! May you keep the Lord close to your heart in everything you do!


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