Sunday, December 10, 2006


For the upset stomachs, food poisonings, gastrics and other weird things happening to Lyn n my digestive systems.... dunno if it was the ice-cubes, too much beef or whatever...

entails the ability to change plans last minute and to be flexible as according to the situation. Also a license to be indecisive.

Very Good. Excellent.
To be said at every step of the journey. In all situations. And circumstances

You say it best. When you say nothing at all.
A very nice song takes on a new meaning as the trip goes on.

The typhoon with the Esplanade namesake decided to come along when we had found the perfect beach resort

Just whack
Just whack lah. Think so much for what? Whatever needs to be considered has been considered. Now make the decision based on whatever knowledge there is!

I raise you
too much beer n cards. I fold.