Saturday, January 15, 2005

morning stroll

woke up at 5am again. Decided to go the Red Swastika route. Ran to the school after some chinups. Walked like almost half the journey back.

On the journey back I chanced upon some monks that hailed from the makeshift temple which is actually a bungalow that houses some Buddhist relic. Seems they just had wakeup call and 3 were strolling around the road outside. Walked past 2 of them.

Then one of them I noticed was like making some prayer action with his hands facing in my general direction.

It was only after staring while continually walking then I remembered it as the Thai greeting. Wait was it a Thai greeting or a Buddhist greeting? Or a greeting reserved only for Buddhist monks? Or amongst Buddhists? Or what? Was it going to be appropriate if I just nodded?

By then I had already walked past. I hope they didn't think I intended to be rude. But they are monks. Although I don't believe in the Buddha, I usually have the impression that generally monks are slow to take offence. After all, attaining Enlightenment surely means leaving behind petty things of this world.

But herein lies a fundamental difference. Attainment. Seems like they'd be able to attain something out of their own effort. Their good work helps them accomplish their attainment. Quite in contrast to good works as a manifestation, or fruit, of the Spirit, which comes from God by the way, lest pride creep up on us.

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