Wednesday, February 28, 2007

up early

(something's weird with this new upgraded blogger on my PC. No matter how many times I click "remember me" after typing in my login details the cookie will somehow forget me the next time I try to logon to it again...)

Was trying to resolve the inability to logon my brother's laptop onto the windows workgroup last night when I KOed in the aircon room on the bed... that must have been before 10pm but thank God I slept all the way and awoke at 5am... at least 7 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep amen!

Went for a jog to Red Swastika and halfway back... quite slow but okay I covered more distance than I did my previous round more than a week ago...

Had a New Year mahjong session at Jan's place... combined with betty to win $1 after playing... 2 winds I think. Her hand is super lucky and we were actually quite up until the final round when we got killed by Sam. Somehow, the thrill is kinda reduced when you win and you gotta keep checking with others as to how much you've won... but that's how lousy we are :P

watched "Just Follow Law" at bishan GV after that with the same gang @ $6 per pax... initially I found it quite clique with the usual stuff like lame jokes, stereotypes, a softporn scene.... but hey... its supposed to be a fun movie and maybe I'm thinking too much. Fann Wong is really hilarious being a guy but I suppose Gurmit had the harder job of trying to be a "niang niang qiang"... but he was quite good as an ah-beng initially gotta give him credit and noone really remembers he's not actually Chinese ? The product endorsement was way too obvious... just like the American Idol judges sipping fluids from their big "Coca-Cola" cups...

FYP's moving very slowly... that's what happens when you're too dependent on too few sources... but on the printing side I've gotten some quotes so that's not too bad. Ok there's still hope! :) *2-side saddle stitch gibberish blahblah etc*

Tested and proven - listening to Jay Chou while driving makes you drive faster lol

yesterday was Jay Chou on the way to simon's place... and back... zipping through traffic and taking the curves without a flutter.

The new shocks are good although I should have specified new springs to go along with it... the old ones are just not progressive enough and still exhibit too much float for my liking. Maybe in the very distant future.

The suspension helped a lot with grip but reduced fuel consumption efficiency by a little because of a better contact patch.

Still getting used to the small spec tall sidewall tires - but I'm not willing to change the 13inch alloys already in place... so maybe at the next tyre change I'll get the grippiest 13incher I can find :) but the reduced rolling radius also helps fuel consumption

Manual is excellent for speed control around curves without resorting to braking and frees you to power exit heh. The moving off from stationary is still irritating though with the clutch linkage/warp? problem... but that's still something quite distant in the future

The light weight does wonders for the acceleration which is very brisk due to little transmission loss and there's hardly a need to step too hard on the gas because the 1.5litre engine has plenty of pulling power

Brakes-wise the stopping power is terrible especially since it's so easy to speed in this car... can't help going fast...! lol. Rotors which are quite grinded need to be changed when the pads wear out

I like my tinted windows :P

Maybe I should send the car in for soundproofing also...

Btw, my car stereo sucks big-time ... even a newly burnt CDR also can skip... sianz... but stereos are expensive to change... just have to live with it

Ok... back to InDesign

Seeya around!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My new ride with tinted windows @@

Toyota Soluna GLi (1st gen)
Yr of mfg: 1998
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage @ handover: 144500 km
Date of ownership: 23 Jan 2007
COE expiry: Dec 2008
Chassis: AL50
Kerb weight: 880kg
Length: 4175 mm
Width: 1660 mm
Height: 1380 mm
Wheelbase: 2380 mm
Clearance: 150mm
Engine: 5A-FE (EFI)
Displacement : 1498 cc
Power: 93.8 hp @ 5600rpm
Torque: 12.6 kgm @ 4800 rpm
Fuel tank: 45 litres
Brakes: Ventilated discs / drums
Suspension: MacPherson strut / Torsion beam
Shocks: Monroe spec
Tyres: 185/70R13 85T M+S
Alloy rims: 13 x 5.5 JJ

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Some people, it seems, in spite of all the consumer education and common sense in the world, will still have irrational tendencies. Especially when it comes to money.

They're the type who would happily scrimp as much money as they can get their hands on and hide it under their pillow. Cash is king. So to speak. Even if its at the opportunity cost of something worth more.

Take X. X has 2 options, a salary raise, or a brand new company car. Even the lousiest new car is going to cost at least $400/ month in installments. But no, X wants a measly raise of $300/mnth. Which works out to just a $260/mnth after our paternalistic government's intervention. Instead of something that would have been worth at least $400 /mnth. Why? Is there an intrinsic value with holding more cash in hand only to spend it away? Maybe. Who knows....

Of course liquidity is best. But is it worth sacrificing something potentially worth 30% more in value just for the sake of liquidity? How about the time value of money? Ah.... X didn't consider that having more of a lesser amount's worth of cash on hand rather than in kind means more depreciation on X's hands.....

Well.... I'm done ranting... heh

And btw, X would rather make 3 people take public transport that comes once every 20min and takes a long snaking half an hour route for a 10 minute commute by car because X is too.... lazy to drive.

Journey by public transport:
83 cents x 3 = $2.49 x 2 trips = $4.98.

Journey by car:
Shortest route (one-way) = 4.37 km (5 km after generous allowance)
So, travel 10km at a conservative fuel consumption of 13km/litre (my car's average is usually 16km/litre) = 0.78 litres of petrol
0.78 litres x current price of petrol @ $1.30/litre = $1.00
So, $1 petrol + $2 parking (assume we stay 2 hours there) = Grand total cost=$3

Time saved: Priceless

Sorry. I just had to do it. Hah. Hah. Hah.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

still vulnerable

its been quite a week.

I slept at 1am and awoke at 5... couldn't go back to sleep cause I had eaten too much... so I decided to go for a jog... think I covered about 3km plus... but I'm super sleepy now as a result...

on Friday I went all the way to school in the morning and almost skipped CS446. For one, I was preparing a very sloppish presentation on media outlets in Germany for the German professor...

but i felt super sian and had a severe bout of that 'I just wanna run home feeling' coming all over me...

must have been a combination of factors coming from all over the place.... the r/s thing, running around feeling miserable, being behind in my readings... fyp...

but thank God rach psychoed me enough to stay on and encouraged me a lot....

I was actually packing up to go off as I had called my mom and complained I didn't feel like going for lesson and she was like "then come join me for lunch!" - my mom rocks :)

but i managed to stay also because rach helped me quite a bit and gave me some wiki bits to add to my presentation. Thanks so much!

After class it was a church guys' night out and the 4 of us ate and ate and ate. Chicken rice with dishes at Upper Bukit Timah road hawker area opposite Beautyworld, Island Creamery at Serene Centre, then some dimsum along Upper Thomson Road on the way to Nee Soon camp. We had heart to heart sharing, chatting, advice and encouragement all round, and all concluded in unison -

The Christian life may be full of struggle as we grapple with issues of how to live in a God-pleasing manner in all aspects of our life... be it work, school, family, relationships... but then, struggle is a sign we're alive

dead things don't struggle

In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. - John 16:33

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

eyes on the prize

Thought this year it would be different.

Thought I'd finally share it with the one who'd be with me till my dying day.

Thought at last this desert of love would find its sweet oasis

Thought I wouldn't have to go through this life with my other half missing from my side.

What was this event to me anyway? Social pressure

What was the significance of this day anyway? Profitteering off people's foolishness

What of the lovey-dovy all over the TV and radio, and moving off people's lips?
Just an important day on the retail market's calendar.

What does it mean to me now? As it always had meant to me. None of my business.

Why were we so different and yet together?

Why did I believe that we could conquer the inconquerable, without God in our hearts?

Why did we have to meet, if we were ever to part?

Why give me memories that linger so bitter when I call upon them to well up in the depths of my soul?

Was I undeserving?

Was it you who drove me away?

Was it something I didn't say?

Was it the torture that kept me awake night and day?

But you weren't treating me right

But you weren't being honest about the things you said

I got tired of the lies and games

And said "if this is heaven, send me to hell"

Dear God,

I've learnt my lesson. I didn't ask for certain things, nor was I seeking them, but by following on I complied. My already wavering testimony was shamed even more. I let things get the better of me. I explained myself away. I compromised. I should have known better. I wanted to rush things myself. You - are in charge of all things, and they'll come to pass in Your good time.

Next time,

I'll find someone who deserves me

I'll find someone who is true to me

I'll not give myself away so easily

I'll make sure she actually likes me for me

So dear Lord in heaven this I pray:

That Your Will I may always obey

That You'll send someone true to You and me my way

That in the meantime on You I'll wait

That though I be alone or otherwise on You my heart will always stay

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised."- Proverbs 31:30

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lawyer gives marital advice

it was quite an interesting make-up biz law class today. the lecturer said something very fun:


"I always tell my male students - if you're talking about marriage ah, and you're not sure if she's the one... you must make VERY VERY sure ok.... VERY VERY sure"

we gave him a silly look. what was he doing giving us marital advice...

"... for the ladies... I always tell them nevermind if you're not sure... no harm trying... not the one then nevermind. Why do I say all this? Because of this law called the - "

"WOMAN'S CHARTER" I answered happily...

"Oh? I've told you guys already ah?"


"yeah when a marriage goes sour this piece of legislation will make the guy suffer like crazy financially"

(please check the legalnet for details)

Hurhur. Wise words from a lawyer...

Monday, February 12, 2007

"I believe God wants you to learn something from this whole thing" - A close friend

Its been a tumultuous month of absence from my blog...

FYP's getting the last minute jitters.

Too much of an emotional roller coaster...

The "new" car's doing great... ownership takes on a new meaning when your wallet's burning.

Feel vulnerable. Manipulated. Taken for a ride. Too many love songs. Too much rose tinting on my rather damaged glasses. As it is, the rose layer is peeling and cracking. Like a shattering mirror. And the world is blunt, jagged and contorted.

Why? Because I had strayed from God's ways and wisdom. God was nowhere in the picture.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord." - Isaiah 55:8

How this truth keeps resonating in me now. How painfully I've made myself aware of it. That I went against and grieved the Holy Spirit. That I had failed to stand up when the situation came.

I am ashamed to face God.

I ignored even sound advice from different figures in my life. And church and Christian friends who meant well. But thank God for these people whom He has put in my life, because they've been there for me always.

"For thy name's sake, O Lord, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great." - Psalm 25:11

Can't keep trying to stand on my own anymore. I'm so tired. Should never have strayed.

But what happens now? Oh God I pray, lead me back onto You, and never let me go. Your not-so-prodigal son is in need of Your mercy and grace.

I want to live for Your sake. Cause its the only thing that's worth living for.

Thank God for His mercies, grace and blessings. In Jesus's name.