Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm posting this in case I ever lose track of it. At last, a more-or-less accurate calculation of the East Coast Parkway route... ripped off some jogging enthusiast's blog!
Haven't been blogging very much... but the musical's been going well! Most likely I'll be involved in teaching a Sunday School class for Sec 4 kids next year as well... on Genesis somemore.... awesome... lots of mind-boggling questions coming up!...

Sunday, December 02, 2007


The days seem to pass quickly as I slowly but surely get sucked into my work.

Number one on the To-do list:

Re-establish a Quiet Time at the office.

This I was reminded from singing the song "Quiet Time" at 1st service today.

But that's just a quadrant 1 thing. The bigger questions still float in my mind.

Today the church bulletin was distributed together with a flyer that stated there were full time ministry positions in the church that urgently needed to be filled up. And I was brought back to 2 months ago when I grappled with entering full-time ministry and somehow I feel disappointed with myself that I didn't just go straight in without thinking.

Today I'm marching to quite a different tune, and pastor's constant reminders struck me.

The immediacy of the kingdom.

And I realised how I was almost forgetting the reason(s) I had cooked up for myself as to why I needed a secular job first.

As it is now I've been learning, learning about the new job, the new environment, the new lingo, the new office politics space

So what happens when you keep on having to stay back and miss really edifying church-related meetings you would like to go for?

Pray that won't happen too often

And yes, I also pray to be more organized in my work so I don't freak out and leave things undone. This week's schedule is already packed!

It's December. We're starting to sing Christmasy stuff in church. I rushed home to work on something but the network seems to be down. Bleah.

I parked at the public carpark opposite TM yesterday and realised I was out of coupons... so I started walking around looking for someone to sell one to me.

There were 2 men seated in an old van that had the cheek to suggest that "it was going to be expensive" ie: I was to have to pay above face value...

Even selling me a 50cent or $1 coupon because I happen to have run out also want to make profit. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.....

I can expect these people have never like, passed the unused time portion of their coupon to the next person who's about to park in their space

Saturday, December 01, 2007

grossed out

Wow... been really busy at work this week.... keep leaving at 7pm... and this is while reporting at 7.30am... bleah...

btw, I was walking back to my old place just now, and got ambushed by this big stray dog. I didn't see it coming because I was listening to my mp3 player... bleah.... it barked and went super-near me but I just kept walking so it ignored me...

on my way back it was there again... blocking the road. I carried on walking and it ran up to me from its ambush point and licked my left calf before scurrying back to its original position back to the outside of the gate to a bungalow to fraternize with one of its in-house pets.

I had to rush home to bathe.