Thursday, January 20, 2005

last minute and strange things

hmm... Jan suddenly told me today he's not applying hall...

And then I find out today is the last day.

Not only that, something is wrong with my PIN so I can't apply.

And now, the application is already closed.

Try again next time I guess.

I'm having mysterious ppl adding me on msn, and when I chat with them, they also have no clue as to what happened... weird

Mom says to go Chinatown tonight. I'm quite sure It's going to be really crowded. But nevermind. With the privilege of turning on the aircon in the car, I'm sure everything will be fine.

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impz said...

Aiyo, i actually know the deadlines and stuff. But then due to economical restraints (i have other commitments as well), i decided that it will be pretty hard on my family if we stay in home lor. Paiseh la, maybe we go for it another sem, k?