Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the Mundane

Work's starting to catch up.

Apart from the usual readings lag 2 assignments have popped up. But not so chaotic yet. I still am able to sit back and read the stuff for the sake of interest rather than going through it like a train just to find key points and highlight them for exam reference.

Such a blessing to be able to learn about stuff you like at a pace where you can really appreciate it!

211 really is interesting. Its like the readings seem like a huge rambling and then after going through the lecture you realise what the rambling was supposed to be.

I think discussion boards are fun. For shy people like me. Ha, and also because its a better way of expressing in a clearer and more organized fashion. Speaking is a linear activity and for me quite prone to rambling.

Went for another jog yesterday evening, walked a lot as usual. Didn't even reach the Red Swastika.

Took MRT back with Liqin. Very interesting chat about lots of stuff. Its nice to talk and really know you're being listened to.

But of course it doesn't always happen with humans, though sometimes when it does we aren't aware of it.

But no matter, because He hears all our thoughts, regardless of whether we consciously address it to Him, and everything will work out to His glory, on which we must always rest.

May God keep us all.

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