Saturday, January 15, 2005

keep your eyes on the prize

I wonder. My mom likes to spoil my youngest brother so much.

Like wanting to let him eat Char Kway Tiao less than a week after a near wheezing flu fever and sore throat condition.

She agrees to let him eat, and then comes and asks me. I of course violently refused citing the doctor's orders which I had already told everyone beforehand.

Why does she bother to come and ask me if she wants to let him eat? Surely she knows better than me about these kinds of things??

Its so weird don't you think? On one hand still popping antibiotics and then eating the phelgm-causing hardcore fried stuff. A bit like that silly ad where the slim model says "I love to eat" and she shows you the miracle slimming pill she takes before gorging down. (Or so they make you think she's going to)

Okay, so my brother is still a kid. He tends to do the things that he so desires more often than adults. That's why he needs supervision.

So I don't understand why my mom does all these weird things like giving to such unhealthy stuff and letting him sleep aircon all the time, making his near-wheezing overweight state a chronic condition.

And weird, if she wants to spoil him, why ask me if I approve! She knows clearly I don't approve. Clear indications and explanations for years already. But whatever.

Psychological analysis: Its probably a reaction to fear of losing his dependency on her. Well, granted, he's already quite independent so my mom continues to spoil him hoping to keep him close to her with such excessive comforts, to the point where its overboard.

Believe me, I've been making explanation for years. But its still the same. Theres only longsuffering left now. But it gets hard when she pulls these kind of weird stunts like expecting me to approve of her spoiling as well. And when I refuse to allow my brother will sulk and shutup and I've become the killjoy.

But she doesn't approve of things like my brother going to Switzerland backpacking with her English teacher. Too expensive. Now I believe those are things that are worth paying for instead of excessive indulgence in overeating and laziness. I promised him that I'd help him fund it.

God is longsuffering. So should I try to be, for Christ's sake.

May God help us all.

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. - Colossians 3:15

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