Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning run

Did a recalculation at higher resolution, turns out the Teck Whye canal route is 3.41km.

Training log - 27 Apr
Time: 17min 10 sec
Pace: 12.07km/h

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Punggol morning run

Went to collect my 'sleeper BMW'. Decided to pack for a run around the Punggol LRT and over the TPE.

Distance: 4.04km
Time: ~ 27min
Speed: 9km /hr

Walked the last 300m through the carparks.
There's a gradient over the TPE. Heh. Making excuses for myself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cooling of rooms specifications for new house

Main bedroom = 300 x 550 = 16.5 = 177.6 sq ft = 11544 BTU = 3.38kW

Attached bedroom = 330 x 375 = 12.375 = 133.2 sq ft = 8548 BTU =2.5kW

Spare bedroom = 350 x 375 = 13.125 = 141.3 sq ft = 9184.5 BTU = 2.6kW

Theory = sq ft x 65 = BTU needed to cool area (NOTE: different websites have suggested different figures - an European website suggested x 35...)

1kW = 1.34hp = 3412 BTU /hr

Total theoretical max compressor load = 8.5kW = 29002 BTU

Morning run

Distance: 3.33km
Time: Approx 18min
Pace: 11.1km/hr

Still not quite 2.4km passing pace yet, but was having a nice chat half the jog with my ex-CSM who's now in Stagmont Camp.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

From future in-laws' place to our new home

Distance: 7.29km
Time: approx. 45min
Avg Speed: 9.66km/h

Stats not entirely accurate. I basically starting walking and running after the 6km mark, at the junction with Brickland Rd when it goes REALLY upslope... heh... So I gather my average speed for most of the route was almost 11km/h.

The route follows Tibs bus 180 in case it rains or you're so slow you're late for your next appointment.