Thursday, December 29, 2005

Journey back in Time

Hi folks looking forward to the New Year?
Some photos from our church event on 23rd Dec at Elder Hanson's house. Enjoy!

1. The welcome committee warming up for the 'herding in' of our guests

2. A busy day 2000 years ago...

3. "How would you know if cows didn't look like this 2000 years ago?"

4. Taking shelter from the rain and in God's word

5. An angelic visitation during the skit performance by our youths

I'm sorry but I couldn't take any pictures of the sumptious spread we had because I was 'indisposed' at that time (takes one hand to hold the plate and the other to grab the food yanoe)

Btw, Happy Birthday again Esther! You are a great sister-in-Christ!

Till later folks!!

A grumbling mood of discontent
Gives way to thankfulness
When we consider all God's gifts
And all that we possess.
- Sper

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