Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pung Sua run

Evening run. Missed logging a few runs recently, but this one is exploratory.

The Pung Sua Park connector run (partial with turning at 5.4km mark from Zhenghua mark)

33min 30 sec (about)


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Training update and random musings


Distance: 2.67km
Time: 13min

Feel like singing to myself... a cheery song... a soft, cheery song that goes la, la, la, la... feel like smiling myself to tears....

Moved into my new place. Its so big and barren... but at least it has ... Air-con all around!

Good-bye car! Good-bye! Good-bye.... awwwww.... Hello nice new toilet and funky yellow room!


Recently heard some sharing where some people verbalised about the sacrifice of their service to God... dying to self.... the time, the energy, the opportunity cost, personal pursuits and interests...

As one said "There's no turning back."

And the thing about such sessions is, once a person starts sharing, it starts to all come out... from some of the rest at least...

But the ROI will come someday. Someday. Cause the One who has promised will honour it. He is trust-worthy.

Even I stopped to think about it for a while. Do you ever look back and think about what it could have been? You probably have, and not just for Christian service, but for many of the other commitments and decisions you've made in your life so far to dedicate yourself to.

Well, but I am assured that the One whom we do this for is worth every single inch of effort. Yes He is, for He did the same for me first. I could see no other purpose for living if not for Him.

And other things in life are almost quite just as worth the Christian cause.

The people whom you dedicate yourselves to.

Even the people whom you didn't choose to dedicate yourself to but God puts you there in that place and position.

So love the people whom God puts around you. In the little things. The big things. When you're tired. When you're angry. When you've had a bad day.

Dying to self. Every day. One day at a time.

Oh~! For the shining glory at the end of this journey. Amen!

Have you dedicated yourself to the right thing in life?

Have you dedicated yourself wholly to the right thing in life?