Thursday, March 24, 2005

reply to exposition

Very heartily indeed, I got a very interesting reply from valren that raised some questions. Allow me to elaborate and reply here. Read them with an open mind:

Qn:Isn't it ridiculous to say that God's creations are able to rebel against his own name? If he is so powerful and all why did he create something that will rebel against him back?

Ans: It does sound ridiculous from a human point of view to have to go through this whole circle of things, but then God wants to bring out a greater good from this evil rebellion. We have enough examples in history of how evil brought out the greater good in people as they overcame.

This is like the ultimate, final, pure, perfect goodness that will come out of the ultimate evil, a new perfectly good paradise with a perfectly good man.

Be thankful God didn't take the logical, ’reasonable’ route of just zapping all of us out of existence in the first place. We're being given a chance here.

Qn: And what about Satan? Since God created everything he must have created Satan?

Ans:He did. Remember Satan, or the devil, or Lucifer, is a fallen angel. Lucifer rebelled against God and tempted man into rebellion too. Hence that's how we are fallen too.

Qn: So isn't it his fault? If he is so powerful why can't he just remove Satan from the world?

Ans: You mean isn’t it God’s fault for creating Satan? God made no mistake because He has already removed Satan! And yes of course God is that powerful. God is not bounded in time as I mentioned previously, and according to His master plan and His revelations in the gospel, the rebellion is already defeated and the New Kingdom has already been established!

Qn: Even if there is a God which created the world and so on, is that reason worth it for you to worship him?

Ans: If you admit that He created the universe including you, that He gave you life on this earth, and that He promises you an eternity in paradise, that you owe everything you have and are to Him, you’d want to worship Him. To put it in an example its like refusing to acknowledge your mother, but much, much more worse, for since He is the creator and very essence of the universe, His power is infinite beyond human knowledge.

Qn:You cannot say that he is intrinsically good being can you?

Ans: You’re judging Him by your standards, and think He falls short of your gauge because He supposedly created bad things… But as I answered earlier these were for the greater good. He’s not good by our standards and moral laws and whatever ethics we can think of, He’s greater than good, for He is perfect.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, when we remember the death and crucifixtion of Christ after which He was resurrected on Easter Sunday having defeated death and established the New Kingdom to which, by grace, the faithful can look forward to.


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Anonymous said...

Hmm.... Jerry... Perhaps it isn't wise to portray yourself as one who knows it all... for the Truth is far beyond the simplicity of what it seems...

Thus, perhaps you should actually spend a whole lot more time on the scriptures before you actually comment on what you're doing now... and may the grace of God be with you in your search...

On a lighter note, do you actually agree to everything to what the man whom you call your pastor says? And do you mind giving an intepretation to the Lord's Prayer?

=) Cheers

--- oL' Vanz