Wednesday, March 23, 2005



The creation of the universe and everything in it by God. That God is not bounded by time and He 'sees' the beginning and the end all at the same 'time'. That it is the Will of God that animates this entire world and universe. The laws of physics and physical sciences are maintained by God.

After all, He is omnipresent and omnipotent.

So why do bad things happen and His creatures blaspheme against His own name? Because of the rebellion of Adam and Eve, the first sin against God, and fall of this paradise. All denial of Him is rebellion, and as fallen beings we are all in a blinded state, blinded by the god of this world who constantly tempts us away from God.

This is a temporal world. Because by God's wisdom it will end and be destroyed and there will be Judgement Day and after that, every soul will be either cast into the burning Hell or made anew in the New Jerusalem - the new paradise.

And that arrangement after Judgement Day, by the way, is for eternity.

Oh and yes, I forgot to mention, in this temporal world we'd die physically too. So after we die we'd be sort of 'asleep' (like how we normally go to sleep) and our next waking/conscious moment will be Judgement Day.

And yes, that applies to all of us as long as we're human.

So how will we be judged? I'll try to address that in my next posting.

It is not by reason, argument or logic that any soul is won to Christ. I plead, for your own sake, turn not away from these words in stubborness and dare to seek the ultimate, final truth of all matters, rather than living in denial moving from one vague notion of life to another. For as I will testify,

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. - John 8:32

Our heart is made for God alone,
For only He can satisfy:
But oh how much we yearn for things
That in the end are but a lie.
- D. Dehaan

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry, no offense to you but if you can read with an open mind here's a comment from an atheist point of view...
Isn't it ridiculous to say that God's creations are able to rebel against his own name? If he is so powerful and all why did he create something that will rebel against him back? And what about Satan? Since God created everything he must have created Satan? So isn't it his fault? If he is so powerful why can't he just remove Satan from the world?

Even if there is a God which created the world and so on, is that reason worth it for you to worship him? You cannot say that he is intrinsically good being can you? Since he created everything and anything, even the laws of morality, right and wrong, must have been created by him. So for in himself it is not significant to say that God is good already. He could be playing with us for all you know.

And since there are so many religions in the world, most in conflict with another, surely at least some has to be fake. It's so easy to say that it is not by reason, argument or logic that any soul is won to Christ, because if you say that, the religion is essentially protected from any kinds of arguments. The churches from a long time ago could have sensed that people were getting smarter and then declared that the existence of god can be proved by the unaided reason...