Thursday, March 17, 2005

essay crisis

wat am I doing blogging when I still haven't finished my way overdue essay? Okay there's no deadline but that doesn't mean I ought to sit on it. I think I'd have to utterly rewrite it. Probably do what I discussed with JR. Super brief introduction and then just LEAVE THE MOVIE and get into the sociological stuff already. THERE. Okay. Will do that BY TONIGHT. It's good that I have that nice coffee bean voucher courtesy of Sam & KL.

Was looking forward to going home for dinner tonight but apparently I've to go down IMM to get some stuff for the 202 filming. I don't believe it we're doing animation. I still don't believe it. I'm alright with trying new stuff but... on such a tight schedule? GM is like, super excited and adamant on doing it. Anyhow, they've decided so we all just have to do it. If we can manage to pull it off it'll be great I agree.

*Oh no and I'm already behind in all my nonsensical readings and such* One week behind in 211, 202 and 229 I stopped long time ago. I'm only on track for 216.

I think I need to stay away from my bed. Or maybe its my home. How can I get the discipline to just do finish the stuff I have to do...? Is it fair that I only do it when I feel like it? I've done work that I've not been proud to call my own, because primarily I did it when I didn't feel like it.

WOW. What a lazy person. Irresponsible I'd say. What's wrong with you? What's your problem? You're childish. Grow up. And all sorts of other names I suppose.

I'm probably dwelling too much on this whole thing by now.

Even if for no other reason, there is always that one underlying final reason for everything we go through. It may not be efficient in human terms, but who else can we trust on matters of the soul?

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; - Col 3:23


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