Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yesterday was quite a busy day. So busy until I come home and fell asleep within an hour at about 11pm.

Let's recap.

As I was walking to school from Can B I had a very pleasant and memorable surprise as CEL came and shared her umbrella with me because it was drizzling lightly. Apparently 221 sucks the life out of people faster than Tom Cruise in "Interview with a Vampire."

In the morning there was the final editing for 229, followed by the 2nd last 216 lecture on the role of media in culture rather than politics.

Just before 202 final lecture and screening there was an amusing state of affairs. JR, who had left the benches to give her gf a ride home was on his way back and had a flat tyre. How bad? Really bad as it totally flattened. He wasn't so sure if he had a spare so I told him to wait for me and we'd check it out. After all, I've changed flat tyres so many times its getting a bore.

In the evening, while going for dinner with sam before sending her back, my car got rear-ended by a taxi. Seems he saw the green light and just moved forward without checking to see if the other cars in front had actually started moving. It's not really serious although the side of my car bumper is now a little out of place. Hope it doesn't gradually fall off or collect rainwater or something.

This morning was the online editing session at 11.30 so I was late, and lo, behold, drove past the traffic policeman with a pen and notebook at above 100kph just after the Bukit Batok exit. And in the end we had to wait in school for half an hour for someone to arrive so we could start.

Lesson learnt. If you disobey the authorities, then accept your punishment. Will be waiting for the nice letter from TP soon. So don't disobey, although I think ethically its not wrong if you think you're justified and did it safely, for to avoid the punishment of paying fine and scoring points.


But having said that, I think its only if you think you're justified. Okay, being in a hurry is not sufficient justification, for some drive as though they're wasting every single second of their life while they're behind the wheel, all the time. Just get a chauffer. Or take a taxi.

You yourself will know if you hurry only when you're in a genuine rush, or if you rush all the time for the sake of rushing, even when you don't have an appointment to keep.

Secondly is the judgement of safety. Are you tailgating? Made sure you have an extra safe following distance? Road is clear, straight and visible? Weather?

Third, don't expect others on the road to rush at your pace just because you are in a rush. The rule is always to be predictable. And to go with the traffic flow. If people aren't rushing, wait for an opportunity to overtake, or else just pace in with the traffic and start conjuring excuses for your lateness.

Fourth, don't act as if it were your right to rush. If you get stopped by the authorities, well, give your reasons, but as a mitigating factor, not as why you weren't wrong. And don't tailgate people who aren't rushing, even if they're road hogging. It's a form of intimidation if you tailgate consistently. Just overtake at an opportunity.

Fifth, if you find yourself being in a genuine rush all the time, then there's probably something about your scheduling you need to improve on. Give yourself more time for road journeys.

"But wait, I paid so much for a car so I could save time, so I waste less time on the roads."

It's true. But not at the expense of the safety and consideration of others. Money doesn't justify selfishness.

The same goes for people who drive dangerously without concern for other's safety all the time just because they're able to pay the fine. Know what I am meaning here, it is that consideration for others is the paramount issue.

It seems that the roads are Singaporeans' outlets for their frustrations. These are people who are otherwise considerate, reasonable drivers.

That's why I like driving at night. Most of the people have already rushed home to watch TV and you wouldn't be at the receiving end of somebody's bad day or stressed life.


By the way, our 229 online session was great! Took 1.5 hours! Thanks to our whole team plus Ms Draper!

8 days left to exams... I think I'd better start on my readings.


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