Sunday, April 17, 2005


Removed a link to a blog that is now privatised. Wrapping up 216 exam due tomorrow. The exams are already ending... feels weird... and now I'm stuck because I forgot to sign up for a GE during the holidays and neither did I sign up for Go-Far.

Oh by the way did I mention my recent sadness with realising that journalism is merely a job just like anything else? Ah... the realist world. Rant more about it later. And btw, go to "impz82" blogsite in my list of links if you want to see an irrational stab at NTUSU... I don't like the SU either, but poor Jan is just whining too much and thinking that everyone else gets stressed with anything that is graded.

Go drop him a note and calm him down will ya? Or hey, I could be mistaken. You could be a pragmatic realist too.

Bz, seeya folks after exams.


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