Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I saw this on monergism.com and thought it might clear up some confusion of what some of us think Calvinism means... it tends to be misunderstood as... "HAHAHA I believe so I won't ever go to hell whatever happens so I can do anything I feel like....."

Classic Calvinism
• One must persevere in faith to be saved.
• True believers cannot lose their faith, since it’s God’s gift.
• Those dying without faith in Christ are condemned.
• Those who “lose” their faith never had it to begin with.
• God will preserve true believers and they will be saved.

“The ‘believer’ who 'loses' his faith never really had it—or at least it wasn’t in Jesus.”

So, what is your faith in, really?

Here's the reformation theologian Jonathan Edwards' quote with regards to the work of the Holy Spirit from "Religious Affections" :

"...holy affections are not heat without light" but rather, "arise from some information of the understanding, some spiritual instruction that the mind receives, some light or actual knowledge."

BACK TO 211... is there a relationship between locality and descent systems with regards to the population density? WHAT RELATIONSHIP??

Ah... the speculatives...

At least you and I have the absolute, eternal, truth and hope therein, on our side. Amen!

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