Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rolling on

Haven't been taking afternoon naps anymore... except for yesterday... which extended to 2 hours and caused me to be late for an appointment! *sheepish grin*

I'm signing the Mindef contract tomoro to confirm my appointment date et al... I really pray the job will work out because I've turned down other offers and interviews thus far...

Went for the first haircut of my life that cost more than S$10... nothing spectacular. Don't think it was really worth it heh... because a haircut to me has a pragmatic function - not too long, not too hot. We had a great value-for-money lunch of pasta later though... somewhere along upper thomson road

The *** insurance company is really lousy... I cancelled my insurance policy by hand like, 3 months ago and they've yet to refund me the unused portion of the insurance cover... finally managed to call them 2 weeks ago and this apologetic man says he'll expedite it... but I don't have my cheque still. BAH! Why can't they get their procedures right? Must I call again to nag somemore?

Another really excellent example of good service is NTU's Office of Finance. Telephone calls that never get answered. BAH!

Ok enough of complaints... Will use these precious 2 weeks left to clear up as much admin as possible... Praise God for free time!

Taitai out!

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