Monday, October 08, 2007


It's been a quiet monday morning. I woke at the incredible timing of 10.30am. Decided to take a walk to the MayBank Geylang Serai to pay the outstanding credit card bill from my telco. Walked the quiet of the bazaar and pasar malams as they're just starting to open. Brought my swimming stuff in my bag with the intent of going to the pool near Paya Lebar MRT after lunch.

Decided to go to the Singapore Post Centre Subway to redeem my free 6-incher sandwich. Chose a Cheesesteak because it's something I normally wouldn't buy if I had to pay full price. Wolfed it down rather quickly and started doing the remnants of my BSF homework. After a while it starting raining, and the gradually began to fill up.

As I finished the worksheet the place was beginning to get really noisy ala Raffles Place at lunch time so I left and walked around a bit amongst the office people looking for a cash-deposit machine. Couldn't find any. In the end I settled down to read the latest edition of "Wheels" magazine at Popular bookstore. Many nice-looking ads with some worth-while articles too.

A feature on the latest C-Class... ha... something I'd admire but never buy even if I had the money. Then a short write-up on the VW Golf GT "1.4TSI"... at 104k it's in luxury car zone. But its one mean pocket rocket and gentle on the tax but not on the torque and acceleration. Nice.

Stood there for 45min to finish browsing... and by the time I was done the rain had stopped so walked back home. Fixed lunch appointment tomorrow. Got a call from somebody. Finished it real quick. Got a canned drink. Went home and had some ice cream.

I feel like just sleeping and sleeping. Goodnight.

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Little Mint said...

dude, how's it going? you sound a little bleak. msg/email me when you can =)