Tuesday, October 16, 2007

another victorious day

Thank God for another day gone by without taking a nap! yea! Had a heavy breakfast of laksa today... after which... went back to read yesterday's papers and do some of the musical master. After which, went for lunch of fish soup... and then back to more of the master, with lots of facebook in between.

Went to the townclub gym (Thank God I suddenly found a free parking lot out of the blue) and was running when Mr. Sinna and Susan my ex-bosses caught me on the treadmill. Also saw the same old man there Lydia and I used to use during our lunch gym sessions.

Mr Sinna said I had put on weight... BLEAH... must be the chocolates and stuff....

But anyway, managed to clear 2.4km within passing time in spite of walking as a warm up for 1st 200metres... 1 small victory at a time!

The weather was wet when I left for midweek so I headed for the paid carpark! Heh! Some foggy windows as the aircon was cooling the interior down and some hazardous driving got me there really quick, and I ended up meeting J. T. there too.

Midweek was chatting over chicken and some really lousy iced lemon tea. It was good to see WJ too... always in high spirits... great!

Journey back was super fun.... bothered to rev. the engine to 2500 rpm and pickup is fantastic... woohoo... maybe it's the cool weather and denser air... wow... getting cool air to the fuel mixture does make quite a difference...

Oh whee I am sooo tired....Thank God for the day!


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