Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lawyer gives marital advice

it was quite an interesting make-up biz law class today. the lecturer said something very fun:


"I always tell my male students - if you're talking about marriage ah, and you're not sure if she's the one... you must make VERY VERY sure ok.... VERY VERY sure"

we gave him a silly look. what was he doing giving us marital advice...

"... for the ladies... I always tell them nevermind if you're not sure... no harm trying... not the one then nevermind. Why do I say all this? Because of this law called the - "

"WOMAN'S CHARTER" I answered happily...

"Oh? I've told you guys already ah?"


"yeah when a marriage goes sour this piece of legislation will make the guy suffer like crazy financially"

(please check the legalnet for details)

Hurhur. Wise words from a lawyer...

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