Monday, December 27, 2004

Threw in the towel

Hi folks, after some half-hearted attempts at starting a website, I have concluded I am too lazy. This blog thing is just too tempting. "Push button publishing" really throws everything else to the wind haha. Its not going to be a event log or something, I don't have the habit of remembering what happens to me, which is not much anyway. Rather, what I'll occasionally do is post certain thoughts and writings which are strictly my own in my own capacity as an amaetur and an individual, and not representative of anything. I welcome replies and feedback as I have faith in open communication as a bridge between people. Its quite different from writing letters to the press, for a journalism student I know that what gets published goes through an elaborate filter.


acuransx said...

Just testing to see what posting a comment does. Or maybe a tag board is better?

snowkrash said...

you've finally gotten your blog back up... YEAH..!!!