Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Exhortations and encouragement

With regards to non-believers

“hate the sin love the sinner” ? – Its not in the bible. It seems to be able to help us when it comes to being with non-Christians. But is it Biblical?

Or “love the sinner, forgive the sin” – but I hesitate when the writer says ‘forget’ – as in, no punishment.

From a philosophical point of view, are we taking this ‘subject object’ distinction too far down? Even with regards to ourselves? Can we separate sin and sinner and treat them as such? I regret and admit I have erred in making such a presumption.

However, it doesn’t mean that we condemn and stay away from such people lest we be guilty of pride. And responding in hatred persecution is clearly what Jesus did not teach.

So, if you actually read the URLs above, and what I write now, you realize that God commands no extremism in human terms. For that 1st URL above is too engrossed in statistics and argument for its sake, but forgets God in the process.

The last sentence he writes is that we should cut them off. Yes, I agree, we must cut such people off – meaning we mustn’t commune with them as though it didn't matter what they were doing.

For the 2nd URL it stands in further clarification of what action should be taken least we be guilty of loving the sin too!

To forgive the sin does not mean we condone it, but have to say clearly it must be repented of. And while he insists in it we don’t condemn him but rather wait patiently that he may come to understanding – that we keep our doors open. But it doesn’t mean we continue on with him as though it doesn’t matter.

Always be prepared and eager to explain to them, to help them realize that they have been deceived and they should repent of it from their hearts.

Love thy neighbor as thyself – as Christ commands, - that if we truly love the person in question we want to calmly and with longsuffering show and reason with him of his having been deceived.

Remember how once we were all lost in the darkness of this world, taking pride and comfort in its trappings, not acknowledging the source of all its goodness and blessing?

Remember how once our souls were lost, sufficed of this world but still searching for meaning and reason to life, forgetting its miraculous source yet seeking it?

Remember how we were once proud, stubborn and ignoring the pleas of our those who truly loved us and kept telling us of the Truth that would make us free.

Indeed we had been but impossible cases, and undeserving, but with God all things are possible, and He delights in His mercy. Amen!

So remember those among you, and do not lose heart. But most importantly worship God by trusting in His Will, that everything is in his power and control and let His Will be done as it is good in His sight.

I believe Jesus came down not to make people perfect and holy, for we are fallen and cannot be. Jesus came to atone for our sins so that we may return to God. But that doesn't mean we just continue on in sin right?

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