Thursday, October 13, 2005

Do you believe in Hell?

I may have sort of guessed why some people insist they descended from apes, that the existence of life is merely a by-product of a chance chemical reaction that had a probability of 1 in 999999999 gazillion of happening randomly on its own, that they just simply cease to exist and have no eternal self-awareness after they die physically, and that there is no afterlife, eternity, heaven or hell.

Because they are terrified of judgement and being held accountable for their behaviour after they die! Of spending an endless time in the depths of hell burning in agony and pain, from this terrible all-consuming fire of God's angry wrath for the defiant, disobedient and ungrateful. I think people here, even Christians, forget the characteristics of God that are so revealed in the Bible.

No doubt, God is of love for He shows mercy by forgiveness of human transgressions through Christ, but don't forget, God is also just, holy, and perfect, without sin, and abhors even the slightest bit of a taint of imperfection. And He certainly is angry and there is clear description of the terrible hell that awaits damned souls that refuse to submit to Christ's saving grace.

And we like to think hell's a fun place. A joke of ancient myth, of superstition and human invention. Ouch is an understatement.

Because when you get there there's going to be no way out.

If you can't swallow that, then just continue to pretend that you just lose consciousness or self-awareness (for those of you who don't believe you have something called a soul) when your physical body rots, and you just become nothing.

At least this preposterous form of denial sounds better than burning in hell forever.

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