Saturday, February 12, 2005

have fallen sick. Sore throat with a stuck nose and tonnes of mucus moving around from the nose to the throat. Anywhere but out. No gross Sam pics though.

Must have either gotten it from my brother or that stupid packet of potato chip that I attacked for no apparent reason. Or the chocolate bars I've been eating for lunch... (but hey's that's like once every 4 days...)

Its a blessing that this happens only AFTER we finish the shooting for 229... which was a great and efficient session by the way. Alexis's camera idea was brilliant. The sun got in the way though, by 11am it was too powerful the calibration resulted in about 8200k light instead of the typical 6200k! We got lazy of using glynn's cute slate board and started yelling out the takes.

We were viewing the rushes... looked great! And had consistent sound too (kinda soft though).


Actually, its not a dream car, but a car I would realistically want to own! Its a Honda Integra GSR. Yes, no naughty Type-R for me... that would be too troublesome!

No. 1 - I don't like any type of ah-beng spoiler at the back...
No. 2 - I appreciate the 5-spd automatic transmission... smooth and yet fuel and acceleration efficient... great for city crusing!
No. 3 - I like the rear end view and styling... beautiful... wish it had slimmer headlights though

1998 cc inline 4 engine. 160bhp. 2-door coupe configuration. I'll definately need the sunroof option. And the electric folding mirrors. 5-speed automatic. Leather seats. Windows tinted to 70/20 light transmission. Extra-wide rearview mirror. Rear wiper.

Ah... a nice comfortable cruising coupe. Great for city driving. Who cares about the people free-riding in the cramped back seats? The boot is a lift-back too.

90,000 bucks. Now I think that's how much my Nissan Sunny cost brand new back in 1999. Who would want a Sunny when you could get this gorgeous......... *ramble*. And don't forget, yesterday's money is worth more today!

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