Friday, February 04, 2005

for common decency

Which issue should I start with?

Ah yes, division selection. Currently its between Journalism and Communication Research. The others though enjoyable are unfortunately write-offs: to me PPC is the dark side though highly realistic and pragmatic and EBM is, well, trade-based, though I would enjoy it very much.

Students of media are not just supposed to be trained in the craft. They are producers of information for the masses, they need to have very strong ethic senses. All the skills in the world are useless if you think like Adolf Hitler. He was a great manipulator, orator, politician but no morals.

At least, that is my ideal. Pragmatism rules the roost nowadays.

211: What do you want to be when you grow up? (it's an anthropological test of societal complexity)

ANS: Whatever gives me the best job and income prospects.

Pragmatism 101.

Well, pretty much any job in Singapore will provide enough for you to eat actually, if you can be so content with just that.

I would think the most idealistic people around would have been those who, having come from elite, privileged classes of old who upset the old order knowing that it would undermine their own well-being.

Infantile you say?

Perhaps. Well such people believed greatly in the welfare of their countrymen, and it ached their hearts to see them suffering unfairly in the present order of things.

But how suited am I to a career in the journalistic field? (Not that choosing that division automatically means such a career path)


There are far too many things which I deem too petty to be of newsworthiness.

I terribly dislike sensationalism and think it lowly and unbecoming.

I respect certain types of personalities and disdain others.

I can never be called upon to support a point which I personally do not believe in.

(During debating I was relegated to being a spare because I refused to argue for certain notions. Inflexible? I want to think of it as not being a chameleon - form is nothing without substance - you're a human being and you must stand for something, role playing can only go so far)

Am I intellectually haughty? A snob? Yes.

Want to contribute anything worthwhile to this world? Nothing else other than to reawaken its conscience.

Really? Or am I saying it to appease myself?

Gotta run now. Don't do anything rash in the meanwhile.

God bless

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