Sunday, June 21, 2009



Had an office run at West Coast.

9min 19sec

Then frisbee lessons. Reminded myself that I have poor motor and coordination skills. Hah.

Drove back to Eunos with Roberto (in his ah-pek white "swan" brand singlet) in tow through after-work peak-hour traffic on AYE/ECP.

Back home, I noticed some 'upgrades' to the Eunos common areas. There was a fresh new green dustbin at the ground floor lift lobby to replace the one that had been missing for months! And, I saw people wearing lanyards scrambling to replace the trashbag of a dustbin in the neighbouring block! What was going on? Anti-H1N1 measures?

Oh, turns out the MP is visiting the residents in the area :)

On the way down to the car for dinner, Mom spotted a small plastic bag near the car which seemed to be moving and kicked it. A little rat scurried out! "Rats! Rats!" Heh.


Congrats ning! :)

Went with Jas to see the contractor after driving round-and-round looking for parking in the Arab St area, then went shopping for yellow picard wallet and dinner.

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