Thursday, June 04, 2009

Good morning Singapore

"Zao An Ni Hao" - that irritating morning show which likes to feature n-d-p types ra-ra programmes once in a while.

I should style myself the Mr. Greeeeen show instead. I read a recent case of a loanshark runner whose case was heard in court. Here is an artistic rendition of what transpired before the Bench.

Judge Dread: "It says here you went to spash paint on the door of the neighbour of the man who owed your ah-long the money. What's that for?"

Ah-long runner: "Well, you see, when I got to the house of the person who O$P$, the person's house door was open, so how to splash? So I splash the neighbour's door lorh, since it was closed."


On a serious note, I must say the cleaning uncle of my block is very efficient. The O$P$ scribblings in the lift get cleaned up really quickly, starting with the floor and unit number of the hapless victim. Sometimes, I wonder if ah-longs do any credit assessment... or are they prepared to take a higher default rate because of their high interest rates charged?

But thank God! My headache is gone, and I've had two nights of proper rest. Thank God for the cool weather that helped too. Better not start running again until I've fully recovered, though I'm cutting it quite close for my I-P-P-T. Just under a month left to take and pass it. Any1 going for I-P-P-T soon?

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