Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some nonsense

Way long overdue now is my convo picture! *Sigh... don't carry a Prosumer Camera hoping ppl can take pictures for you because they'll get the shake all over... So far this one has survived...

From left to right: My Aunt Janet, Moi, Dom the future PhD (bah! what's this trade course you just graduated from?) and Mom.

It was so exciting because the convo was supposed to start at 10am and I arrived unrobed at 9.45am... haahAHahAha..... but thanks to some kind ppl in the robing room I still managed to make it. Now the whole thing is finally over!

The real world beckons... and oh well... wonder how much longer and how many more resumes I must send before I cease being jobless... not earning your keep is not a nice feeling... but getting a job you feel seems tough... or should we just resign to doing whatever we have before us?

Also, today the 99a53 vjc supper gang (remnants) sent Pok off to the USA... he's going there to study for his Masters and PhD after topping NUS FASS E. Lang... fully paid of course. 5 years. Woah. Here he is standing next to Mr T. Toh, our resident legal advisor. The crazed banker D. Chiam could not be captured on camera.

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