Sunday, November 20, 2005


Wow its been a long while since I've actually downed a real blog entry. Work's been quite interesting and time really really flies when you're doing OT and all that...

Went out for a nice beer session with simon and some cs girls 2 nights ago... thanks for the treat! Haven't driven about at night for quite some time already... although I got really disoriented and took unneeded detours and reroutes...

Dropped EC and JK off after that... JK stays in Tampines just opposite where I used to live along the MRT tracks... all that nostalga came back and we lamented genuine tyre swings, playgrounds with real sand et al.

My brother booked out early this weekend on friday night... we had pizza in TM and lamented more of childhood days too... he catching stuff in the longkang

Dad called from Cambodia and I gave him an update of what's been going on...

Just finished watching "I am Sam" ... very long movie... but very touching... wanted to cry... go see it yourself if you want to know why... (saw the Alfred Hitchcock effect too)

btw, Huiyi's blog is coming online soon will link it when she's done.

Goodnight~and God bless

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