Friday, November 25, 2005

Exams are over

Not that it makes a huge difference... been working for almost 2 weeks by now.... its like everyday after a get home i'm so tired i just sleep after lying on the bed for a while...

But today was special, had my last exam - CSI! went swimming after that too - shiok. Got filmed by ChannelNewsAsia with Jeremy before that too. That's this tuesday 8.30pm on CNA. Something about Marine Engineering degree...

Got my brother from tekong (he has POC! Now ORD left...) Had lunch. Ran some errands. But quite tired now cause only slept 4 hours last night...

Got home, wanted a nice drink but... the ring tab broke. Nevermind. Use can-opener. Somehow all I do is crush the can. Nevermind. punch 2 holes and pour in cup. Then all the juice squirts all over the kitchen.

Seem to be driving faster nowadays. Maybe its because I'm rushing the errands as its for work. Or because I feel richer. My car's aircon actually feels really cold when you step on the accelerator real hard. Floored it through a red light camera junction when it was amber. Acceleration with aircon on: super fan-ying-chi-dun. The transmission kickdown itself already takes so long. Then still must wait wait wait. Sian. No Honda Integra. Ha.

Be back later... I've got lots of stuff to settle! By the way, if any are interested for a driving holiday to Malaysia lets do discuss!

May the Lord have mercy on all our souls! Amen!

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