Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I'd better make this post a fast one so the blogger won't crash on me.

Currently I'm grappling with internship selection. First stop is of course Reuters but then its the other two that will seem much more likely given how many excellent candidates will be applying there.

I'm toying with a few things.

MINDEF would be slack (hopefully) but I don't know if I can stomach all that nationalism. But I wonder... it could be a good time to learn how to be professionally detached from the subject matter of your work. (Is that really possible? Do I actually want to do that? - but there are no internships at car magazines)

Told EF how I wasn't interested in running around and hunting stories and all and she gave me a "oh you poor thing" look.

"Why did you go Journ then?"

Good question. Why? I like to write that's all. May not be best justification but I think journ's the lesser evil compared to the other stuff. Plus, the possibility of travel. And it exposes you to a lot of general things about the world too.

There's this really interesting children's magazine QUEST too but it'll probably have some events and stuff as well.

I might consider MDA's media literacy campaigns as well as that interesting TTSH event organization although that one seems more of event management.

There's a post for some golf mag. Why isn't there one for a car mag?

I'm whining over the cover letters and this really exciting feature on a China astronaut right now.

Btw, I really dig photojourn! It rocks! Walking about taking photos is fun... although... there's only so much a photo can say...

Let's see if I get any scoldings for the first sets of photos which should be coming back tomorrow.

Okay, time to scoot before the traffic gets heavy. Ciao.

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