Thursday, August 11, 2005

For the person who thinks

1. According to the 10 commandments, all human beings are sinners. You may have never killed anyone - but hating is as good as that. You have never commited fornication - but looking is already enough. And I know we all have coveted something before. I think I should have covered everyone by now.

2. And mind you Christians do not suddenly become outwardly perfect - they just sincerely want to or try to.

3. You believe there is some form of a God or many Gods? Well, there is only God. To find out more about Him and also why He brought us here - go check the Bible.

4. You believe there is no God. So everything on earth is an accident. Everything is due to some environmental, cosmic or social causes. Who caused the first cause then? It was an accident. A freak of nature, physics, biology. Why do nature, physics and biology follow "laws" then? Things don't have to behave according in fixed laws. They just do. Why?

5. You throw your hands up and say "we can never know because we can never see or test for God and what He says (or we can't verify for sure 100%)"

That's why its called a faith.

6. "I don't care. I just refuse to believe anything I can't see or be sure of." So you'd prefer to leave all the answers to the questions in part 4 blank. You insist on denial or remaining ignorant. And you call people who have a faith unscientific.

7. Scientists will explain everything. We'll find the answer someday. Scientists explain phenomena of the physical world. Science does not answer questions on the meaning of life, on why we do things and what we ought to do. Only the Bible does. Philosophers take a shot too.

8. I'm perfectly fine I know how to behave and what to do. Yeap, so did I. Taking cues from TV, media, your friends, the latest fads, what other people do, what seems acceptable to the public. Don't ever believe in the media. They just want to sell you something. I should know. Even journalism is not truth or unbiased.

*insert other qns here*

I'll be back.

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