Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running red lights is against the law and NOT the norm here

Hot on the heels of the recent Ferrari-crash which left three dead, which a very clear, brutal video showed was a brazen run of the red light, another posting appeared on STOMP which showed a car running a red light in the western part of Singapore by TEN SECONDS in broad daylight, to the danger of incoming cars that were turning right at the junction. I myself have witnessed drivers happily going past red lights without the slightest awareness that they were running a light.

This is not a foreigner or PRC-bashing thread. Whether you are Singaporean or not, running a red light is a very basic violation of our driving laws and norms. Maybe in some countries, red lights are only for show, but I won't comment on that. And it has serious consequences (I don't mean the fine) as the norm is everyone here obeys the red lights and drives as though the red lights will be obeyed. We are so obedient that we stop at red lights in the middle of the night even when noone else is in sight.

We should be striving towards better standards in driving, like stopping at yellow lights (which I don't always manage to do, depending on whether I can stop safely).

If people from overseas are not aware that not stopping at the red light is against the law and NOT the norm, we ought to make it clear to them, and not just let them presume other people will just be alert and watch out for them when they do unexpected things. That being said, people I know from developed countries already think Singaporean's driving habits terrible, and I completely agree.

The Traffic Police cannot be everywhere catching everyone, so we really need to impress this basic of obeying the lights on those who are new to our driving environment.

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