Thursday, October 02, 2008

time out

Can you imagine? Scroll down below... down 7 posts... yes... In 11 months I've made 7 posts. That's what work does to you. Actually, not just work. Work, BSF, Church, dating and all that... blogging just goes all the way down the priority list. I think I would have lost many regular blog surfers by now. Nevertheless... I'm one month shy of being a year in my current job!... Madness sometimes, but really thanks be to God for strength through the tough times, and thanks for the quiet times as well! And God for wisdom and setting priorities straight. And many thanks for dear darling by my side too :)

Have some insane colleagues... yes... they love work, in fact, I'd dare say they live for work :p either that or they're such fantastic multi-taskers that they could just be checking email every minute and surfing the web non-stop for news. Heh.

Being in the media line puts u in the face of the world (unfortunately). So many things happening in the public consciousness now. The US financial markets disaster. Political problems in Malaysia. Confusion in Thailand. Rising electricity prices. ERP gags. JBJ dies. Heh. All these distractions of the mundane world.

My (not-so-new) fuel guzzler. 1350kg. 150bhp. 5-spd auto. Reverse sensors (at last, no more opening of door). Rear-wheel drive. Super-madly road grabbing and kissing tyres.

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