Sunday, August 05, 2007

project Ah-Peh

It's been more than a month since my last update. Birthday's come and gone, and I'm 25 now. Mid-twenties. Shudder.

Just started full time work teaching at Junyuan Sec, and its quite a culture shock. Should I try to be their friend in order to get them to do the things I want? There's absolutely no sense of authority at all. I shouted my voice hoarse and now I'm wondering who will listen to a whimpering teacher.

Changed from a 9-yr-old to a 16-yr-old car. A classic 2.0l manual Honda Accord. Clutch is worn out and the rubber seals on the windows are worn so it gets noisy at speed. Occassional fan belt noise. Shock absorbers are worn out. 16inch tyres have punctures. I can imagine this being 'Project Ah-Peh" ... it'll be the terror when its all done up. Quite a wide turning circle too.

Life's been very busy with work, take-home work, BSF and lots of church things going on during the weekends too.

Will talk more again during national day break. Tata!

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