Saturday, April 14, 2007

getting it out

its Saturday night.

A good time to reflect on certain things. Just finished with HPF anniversary. Amazing that Rev. Robert pointed out there're 366 "fear nots" in the Bible. One for each day.

My last lesson in school ever was yesterday. CS446. With a presentation. Ended with such a bang. What now? Out into the world... job hunt? Settle in teaching?

Rev Robert was busy chatting with me about his path to full-time ministry and how he intended to propose an internship programme for people considering entering ministry. But still, he recounted of how, for him at least, having worked substantially in the corporate world better equipped him to be a pastor as in he could relate directly to the people he was counselling...

Priorities. God as the ultimate priority. Serve God through the church. Through ministering to others. Serving others.

Seems things are gonna be quite busy. Monday is "the last hurrah" as Dr Cherian put it. FYP oral defence. Following week is exams on Monday and Tuesday. Friday is zao down to Taiwan with Weijian and parents.

Come back already, then is rest a few days then go back army camp for 3 wks to serve finish remnants of NSF. Come out in June. The REAL last hurrah. July go start contract teaching.

Wonder how things are on your side.


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Anonymous said...

hey bro,
it's been a while since we last met. Got to do so one of these days yea? Drop me a msn msg or something?
take care