Friday, August 25, 2006

entertainment license needed at government events?

The case of the missing cockles

where got 'hum' ?

I had so much respect for PM I found myself actually asking people if they really did serve mee siam with cockles in places I'd never been before...

1 person actually told me yes... (it was dz)

Most said PM was trying to be sarcastic in responding to Bak Chor Mee... but... Bak Chor Mee really IS served with liver... but to reply.... mee siam mai hum... an ingredient that doesn't exist in the dish in the first place.... is rather... inconsistent rather than sarcastic right?.... Just sounds... ridiculous... like dog without wings.

Unless he wanted us to laugh at his mistake rather than his rebuttal at mr brown...

First peanuts. Then Mee Siam Mai Hum. Could there be some other reality out there?

The case of the newspaper that transformed cockles into chilli

I got wind of this one from my dad who's working overseas... apparently the ST publishes PM's speech the next day and "mai hum" transforms into "mai hiam" (no chilli)

Did we all hear the PM wrongly? Those who have missed the important part please check it for yourself at mr brown's location...

Is the ST helping to cover-up for that rather illogical boo-boo on the PM's part? Why are they doing this? I mean, there's no threat to be had from publishing that the PM made a rather weird but nevertheless innocent mistake... and they still wanna help him pre-empt any possible loss of face for him.... Why can't they just publish facts and simply NOT publish things which are 'contrary to public order and stability'.... why change the facts... and pretend half of Singaporeans had their ears clogged up...

Why ST Why?

and after some ppl complain about why ST didn't report things as they had happened, the PMO comes out into the open: He meant... LAKSA... mai..... (ok nobody really cares anymore) ......

why don't I read ST anymore?


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