Thursday, June 22, 2006

the rat race

finished the internship. What a teary send-off.

I immediately got a position at some MNC I had worked in before. It's at SGX Tower 1. The corporate rat race. Every morning walking with the throngs of executives and what-nots in the underpass to shenton way.

The pay's good, but the pace of work terrifying.

Taxation is something totally new to me, but I'm just being slammed in headlong in the work and muddling about figuring things out as I go.

I fell ill yesterday and it got worse, so I left work early. I told my sup: I might be on MC tomorrow as I'm going to see the doc. Been having a fever runny nose for past few days. She was like "why don't you get a jab so you'll recover faster then you can come back tomorrow afternoon".

Also, "could you wait till next Monday to get sick because I'll be on leave then"

Who knows. I might not last more than the first week there. I'm learning too slowly and the only reason I can think I'm still there is that they have no other alternative.

I get emails from her at 3am in the morning. Terrifying. They really bleed for their nice suits and extravagant spending.

Anyway, I have 2 days of MC and I intend to actually take at least one day...

But guess what. I'm actually feeling bad about taking MC and thinking about that pile of stuff sitting there to be cleared...

This is a different kind of work experience compared to what I've had in my previous jobs...

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