Tuesday, May 09, 2006

what a fix

Here's something really interesting.

It seems that the phrase "there will be consequences" is going to be considered criminal intimidation.

For that we'll have to wait and see during the trial should it happen.

The whole episode with the Department, according to one ruling party candidate, were a very evil attempt by Gomez to 'fix' the elections department. So when he says Gomez tried to 'fix' the Elections Department, he means Gomez is trying to criminally intimidate the Elections Department, or the staff member, whatever.

So tell me, why is it when some other candidate during a public rally in Raffles Place says he doesn't want to spend too much time 'fixing' the opposition candidates, he is not criminally intimidating anyone?

Is it a case of when this person says 'fix' he means just to 'fix' but when the word 'fix' is used by the earlier-mentioned party member the word 'fix' means to criminally intimidate?

Of course, we always give people the benefit of the doubt. So the rally speaker issued a 'clarification' and saying he's apologising if anyone was upset by his use of the word 'fix'.

That is noble.

But hey, so did Gomez.

So why the harsh reaction on him?

Oh well, he's in a 'fix' for trying to 'fix' the Department either that or somebody is trying to 'fix' him, so he'd better try to 'fix' himself or he'll never get out of this 'fix'ation with 'fix'........


Anonymous said...

I din like the way he pointed finger... "...you should know the consequences..."
People are different after they gain power.
How well can he manage power?
Yup... pretty harsh on him... poor thing...

acuransx said...

But don't you feel we're prejudging him just based on that?

And also, he's just 1 person. He's not going to single-handedly destroy the government and the economy, as some people would want you to believe.