Friday, September 23, 2005

Penny pinching

Some calculations on fuel consumption during the 800+ KL road trip.

Fuel used = 33.9 + 37.89 – 10 (compensation for ¼ tank) = 61.8

Fuel type : RON 98

Distance covered approximately 830km (Journey from Singapore Customs all the way to Kota Tinggi, then to KL, and then back to Johor at the end of the highway journey)

13.4 km / litre or 7.44 litre / 100km

This includes a 1-hour traffic jam in KL, travel by old highways in and out of Kota Tinggi, speeds up to 155kph on the return trip. All fully air-conditioned trips.

City-only driving (Taman Sentosa back to Singapore & 1 week of Singapore driving)

Total fuel consumption = 39
Total distance = 1377 – 830 = 547km

14 km /litre or 7.13 litre / 100km

Typical daily journeys are to school which is a 60km round trip usually without aircon. And small journeys around town and other places. I usually step about 5% of the accelerator or less…

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