Saturday, July 02, 2005

Birthday Boi

My first birthday cake in a very long time! And I wished for my mom's salvation. If they had asked me I've have violently rejected but they actually sprung a birthday cake on me! And they arranged it on the day itself when I told SS! How nice my church friends are its been years since I've had any sort of party...

Climbing that Bukit Timah is no joke, the steep incline is so incredible the park actually puts a "no running" sign on the downslope.

Later went for dinner with my mom and brothers at No Signboard Seafood at esplanade! The fish cost $50 but was great.

Hmm... I'm already fully booked next week except for monday for dinners.... great! eating eating and more eating!

Thank God for all my friends who have touched my life in whatever ways! Amen!

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