Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Smile :)

Had a nasty bout of mega computer playing...

Need for Speed Underground 2 - I have a Nissan 240SX with the real pop-up lamps and xenon lights! Fantastic acceleration and tyre burning antics galore as I drive around the city avoiding taxis mounting walkways looking to participate in races and mod shops galore. It's such a pity there's such a badly defined sense of 'coolness' of car which has to be 'ah-beng' like... I'd rather keep everything on the outside looking docile and yet have all the turbo mods inside, except for some small decales and windshield stickers with some dark window tinting. Recently bought a Peugeot 206... cute little thing. The graphics are fantastic and they're so detailed even though the whole thing takes place at night... although on my poor computer it kinda slows down when the screen gets crowded with other cars and with the smoke dust when we slide into the gravel... otherwise... fantastic driving dynamics!

The driving experience would be complete with a force-feedback USB steering wheel control with gearshift and paddles! Yeah! Then I won't be stuck to the 2 key limitation of my keyboard.

The Sims 2 is my old-time madness, now with the University addon. Oh well, shifted the old chums to a bigger house, but then I had the problem of having too much space with nothing to fill it with! Also, its tiring to have a big house and you'd have to walk so long just to get from the kitchen to the dining room and also up and down the stairs. Think I'll shift them down to a smaller house with a nice garden later!

Games are just games it seems, though they're worthwhile as long as you don't play em till you fall sick :)

If any of you has part-time work lobang of any kind, do contact this otherwise contented peasant.

For none of us liveth unto himself, and no man dieth unto himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord: and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore or die, we are the Lord's. - Romans 14:7-8

May God keep you always. Amen.

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